The Application of WETitties

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The Application of WETitties

Post by Jesuses on Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:49 pm

How did you hear about us? (Forums, Players, word of mouth, seen us bossing) Seen Bossing/Player

If referred by a player list their name(s) here. Watched Waggle's stream

Age? 18

Combat Level? 116

Total Level? 1542

Favorite Skill? Agility

Slayer Level? 66

What is your favorite Boss? Idk, all of em?

What clan events would you be interested in participating in? Any

Is there any reason you wouldn't be able to do at least 1 boss trip per week? Nope

Additional info: (idk if you guys care) but I read through the requirement poll and I believe I have all of the polled reqs.


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