Boomhauer application

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Boomhauer application

Post by Boomhauer on Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:40 pm

How did you hear about us? My friend who is in the clan

If referred by a player list their name(s) here. - BabyBadger

Name / Age? - Boomhauer/20

Rsn? - Boomhauer

Combat Level? - 124

Attack / Strength / Defence Levels (For Melee Pvmers) - 99/99/99

Ranged / Defence / Hitpoints levels (For Range Tanks) - 71/99/99

Prayer Level? - 82

Completion of RFD (Which Gloves Do You Have?) - Barrows

What Main PvM Items do you own / Use on a regular basis? - Void, Dharoks, Zamorak Spear, Veracs, Whip

What is your favorite Boss? - Saradomin

What clan events would you be interested in participating in? - Saradomin, Corp, Bandos masses

Is there any reason you wouldn't be able to do at least 1 boss trip per week? - Probably not

Why should we accept you? - Because I am a pretty experienced player with flawless melee stats and 99 agility


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Re: Boomhauer application

Post by Syndaar on Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:45 pm



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