Leaving Exiled Sins

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Leaving Exiled Sins

Post by ImakeUquitRS on Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:22 am

Hey guys its ImakeUquitRS or Jake :p ,

I guess its time to move on...

I am leaving Exiled Sins for a couple of reasons.
When I left for my holiday the clan was quite active , after I returned the clan was absolute dead.
I havent spoke Moist Elax / Elysian Sins / Divine Sins in a long time so I couldnt try to fix the inactivity in the clan.

Because I am leaving Exiled Sins I might quit Rs forever once I run out of membership.
My plan is to go back to college in 2 weeks so im trying to work that out rite now.

Also as many of you know I am always busy playing football(soccer) or at the gym.
My new football season started last week Smile , I am playing for the second team at the moment , we are also starting a team for under 23 wich I will be joining aswell.
Also the gym is were I will spend quite some time this year, I will be training very hard and try to stay on a strict diet .

If anyone is actually intrested in any of my gym or irl progress let me know,
I've been talking to alot of people during the time , if any of u wants to chat let me know I can u my Facebook or phonenumber.

Thanks to everyone in Exiled Sins , I had alot of fun bossing / talking to everyone .


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