I thracian I application

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I thracian I application

Post by D Y Z on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:43 pm

How did you hear about us? (Forums, Players, word of mouth, seen us bossing) WoM while running bones for 80 prayer

If referred by a player list their name(s) here. holiest

Name / Age? Jordan 23

Rsn? I Thracian I

Combat Level? 121

Attack / Strength / Defence Levels (For Melee Pvmers) 95 99 99

Ranged / Defence / Hitpoints levels (For Range Tanks) 94 99 99

Prayer Level? 72

Completion of RFD (Which Gloves Do You Have?) Yes. B

What Main PvM Items do you own / Use on a regular basis? SEXY bank

What is your favorite Boss? Bando/ Armadyl

What clan events would you be interested in participating in? Most

Is there any reason you wouldn't be able to do at least 1 boss trip per week? Ez

Why should we accept you? USAF Vet. Been playing since 6th grade pvp and pvm

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Clan Mod

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