Solo Vet'ion Guide

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Solo Vet'ion Guide

Post by SpectralSins on Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:08 pm

What's going on guys, and welcome to my solo Vet'ion Guide!

Vetion is a very simple boss when done right, and a very technical boss when done wrong. Here is how to nail it!


Best Setup

Dharok's is by far the best setup you can use while at Vet'ion. The Salve (e) also makes it as if you are on a slayer task for not only the dogs, by Vet'ion himself. I advise bringing some climbing boots as well as a ring of dueling with you so you don't look too welfare... don't forget that fremmy cloak Very Happy

Before I forget, its important to have the axe on crush. Vet'ion is weak to this style.


The inventory is pretty simple. I usually do four kills a trip, then bank, so I bring four prayer potions (~1 Per Kill), one super combat, rock cake (for lowering my hp), a games necklace switch (for teleing to corp cave), and my imp box (strongly reccomended, as you can run a few squares south and send your loot to the bank). The sharks are there so  you don't lure vet'ion with low hp, as that can end badly.


Using the games necklace, tele to the corp cave. Beware of rangers, as teams camp outside of the cave. Protecting item before exiting is reccomended. Head north past the bone yard and you will be met with Vet'ion.


The hardest part of Vet'ion is getting him to the right squares in order to flinch or effectively safe spot him. Vet'ion has a "wander zone" that has north, south, east, and west boundries. We will be luring Vet'ion to the southern boundary in order to do this lure.

Start by agroing Vet'ion to you by walking in his range and walk southeast towards the chaos dwarves. When you reach his southern boundry, you will want to start walking west in order to get him on the boundry itself. I like to bring him all the way to the rocks that are west, however, as long as he is on the line you can flinch him properly.


Vet'ion has two phases, a PURPLE phase and an ORANGE phase. On both of these phases, Vet'ion will spawn dogs at half HP. These dogs need to be taken out before he can be dealt any more damage. The whole kill is going to be flinching, which means attacking him once, running away, then waiting for his hp bar to disappear and then attacking him yet again. It takes time, but you will only use a prayer pot per kill which is more than covered by the drops. I would also recommend putting piety and protect item on your quick prays and flicking them on for each hit. This will not only give you a lot more damage, but it will also save you money in case you do something wrong.

The first part of the fight is getting the first wave of dogs to spawn off of his purple form.

Once his first set of dogs spawn kill them. It is good to add protect from melee to your quick prayers so you can flick it as you get Vet'ion close to half hp. If the dogs are trapped behind him, move either east or west (depending on which side they are stuck on) in order to free them.

After you have killed the dogs, continue to kill Vet'ion as you have been. Once he loses all his hp, he will turn orange.

Continue to damage him until he hits half hp, when yet again, he will spawn dogs, only this time, they are a bit stronger.

Once you've killed the dogs, continue as usual until he dies.

Good luck and happy scaping

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Re: Solo Vet'ion Guide

Post by Dunce on Fri May 22, 2015 12:38 pm

Nice guide helps out a lot, thank you so much.


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